Stephanie (Erdel) TaglianettiStephanie Erdel is a renaissance woman.  Throughout her Long Island, NY childhood and young adult life, she spread her energies amongst art, music and acting. Most recently that has morphed into art, music and yoga. For the last nine years, Stephanie has focused mostly on her music as well as her web design company Goddess Design.  Up until 9/11/01, Stephanie had been pursuing a career in animation with jobs at MTV Animation and Tape House Toons in New York City.  She was an inker for the short lived MTV animated show “SpyGroove” and did animation and character design for Disney’s “Lizzy McGuire” and several Robert SmigelSaturday Night Live” shorts. In 2000-1, she went back to school to pursue a master’s degree in portrait painting at the New York Academy of Art.  Stephanie’s unfortunate eyewitness experience of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the loss of her then boyfriend, triggered a hasty move to Los Angeles and inspired the music and lyrics to her first album Running From Fear.  She acquired the funds to create Running From Fear on a grant from FEMA along with the faith and support of her college roommate who’s then boyfriend producer Angel Luis Figueroa gave this Long Island native a chance at a music career.

After an exciting 1st year in the business that included a spot on “Entertainment Tonight” and some interest from Epic and Columbia records, Stephanie’s career moved into regular hard working band gigging at local Los Angeles clubs and bars. In 2004 she produced a hard rock EP “I Realize” with Neftali Santiago of 70’s funk fame “Mandrill” who briefly managed her music career.  It featured Tracey “Spacey T” Singleton from “Fishbone” on guitar and bass.  This awesome and basically unknown masterpiece is a rare find in Stephanie’s catalog. It was the infancy of her most jazz influenced piece, “Caged.” Singleton’s shredding guitars showcase a talent and experience that most are not privy to on today’s radio.

Shortly after cutting “I Realize” Stephanie was hired at Cartoon Network as a storyboard revisionist for another short lived animated show “Megas XLR.  That gig led to renewed tenure on a new an upcoming show at Cartoon Network, “Camp Lazlo.  Stephanie was fortunate to work on Camp Lazlo from its infancy; helping to design the original mouth charts and model sheets. She went on to a full-time storyboard revisionist job and then a promotion to storyboard artist for several episodes including, “Waiting for Edward” and “There’s No Place Like Gnome.”  At this same moment in her career Stephanie was also studying acting and healing work with actress Dee Wallace (E.T.). Stephanie was also lead singer for a local hard rock band “Lotus Sun”.

In 2005, Stephanie left Cartoon Network to pursue a full-time career in music cutting her second LP “Sacrifice” in 2006 with producer Andrea Bari. She was also asked to join the psychedelic pop/rock band Monogroove as a vocalist. Stephanie spent the next three years in Los Angeles performing her solo material from “Sacrifice,” performing/singing with Monogroove and growing her newly formed web design company Goddess Design (2006).

From 2006-2009 Stephanie went through a major spiritual awakening that seemed to happen spontaneously. It was then that Stephanie began her certifications in breath-work, meditation and yoga. In 2008 Stephanie became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor at the Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary in Pasadena, CA as well as took several energetic healer and breathwork courses with David Elliot.

In 2009, Stephanie recorded several of her newest songs with Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros). Following the 6 months in the studio with Peter, Stephanie went on tour with singer/songwriter Amanda Abizaid. The LA Woman Summer Tour, featured Stephanie’s newest material recorded with DiStefano performed acoustically. The tour also featured several collaborations with Abizaid. The songs  recorded with DiStefano have not yet been released.

Upon returning to Los Angeles after the LA Woman Summer Tour, Stephanie met her now husband Mark who during her absence joined Monogroove as their trumpet player. Mark swept Stephanie off her feet and literally right out of the city to San Antonio.

Her most recent project “Second Chance” is a hard rock/pop band formed by Stephanie and Mark that is fulfilling her long time love of hard rock music. As a teenager Stephanie was sporting Motley Crue t-shirts in junior high while the other girls were sleeping on their New Kids On The Block pillowcases.  Second Chance is a conglomerate of Stephanie’s original songs and Mark’s original songs.  Currently Second Chance is performing in the San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi areas. You can find out more information at www.facebook.com/secondchancerockband.