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Day 7 – April 7, 2014

I am finding that many people want to offer advice for my worrying or solutions. I thank people for their concern. But I am getting irritated at the offers. I know people are just looking out. I am hoping this blog will be like an online diary. One way. Support is welcomed. Solutions are not. […]

Day 4 – April 4, 2013

Today was a busy day. If I worried, I wasn’t that conscious of it. The day was productive and wonderful. The evening not so much. It was filled with anger and stress about money. I see my husband stressed about starting a new business and myself stressed about us not making ends meet and that […]

Day 3 – April 3, 2014

The good news is, I woke up knowing I might worry and I shifted straight to an affirmation this morning. The bad news is, my worries are getting deeper and darker. Many of my worries are too personal to post. Wondering how effective this blog is going to be. It’s not that I am not […]

Day 2 – April 2, 2014

After day 1, I had significantly less worries in the morning. However, I did roll out of bed and go to yoga at 7am so there wasn’t much time to worry. I am quickly seeing that much of my worry stems around money. One of my worries was too personal to write on a public […]

Day 1- April 1, 2014

Worrying started the minute I woke up this morning. I noticed my head got busier the more I became aware of it. Then I became worried about worrying! That made me hop out of bed sooner and go down for breakfast.

6:41am – Worry :┬áIs Today Going to Be a Good Day?Affirmation: I am creating a […]