Sustainability in the Suburbs

A sustainability webinar that took place April 28, 2020 at 7:30pm EST featuring keynote speaker Associate Professor Joe Trumpey from the University of Michigan and New York State Senator and head of the Environmental Conservation Committee, Todd Kaminsky.


Joe Trumpey

Joe Trumpey

Associate Professor of Art, Environment, and Natural Resources. Director of the Sustainability Living Experience at the University of Michigan

With its emphasis on biodiversity, modern agriculture and ecological sustainability, Trumpey’s creative work has been exhibited in a wide variety of venues across the country. The depth of his devotion to these issues is evident in the fact that he lives and works on a small farm dedicated to preserving the genetic diversity of rare livestock. Learn more about Joe

Senator Todd Kaminsky

Senator Todd Kaminsky

New York State Senator & Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee

As Chair of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, Todd is at the forefront of efforts to protect our air, water and natural resources. He authored the New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act — the nation’s most aggressive climate change program –– putting the State on a path toward carbon neutrality and a green energy economy.
Learn more about Senator Kaminsky


I will be posting all the links from the presentation as well as regional information concerning any restrictions on backyard chickens, front-yard gardens and clothes lines. Thanks to all that attended the webinar. Please share!