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Creative Director: Stephanie Erdel-Laws

As Creative Director for CareAR, A Xerox Company, I was tasked to develop a brand identity for this emerging technology startup in order to prepare it for acquisition by Xerox. After the acquisition, I was hired as the organization’s full-time creative director where I led creative strategy, developed style guides, incorporated a DAM, and led a team of designers that supported the entire organization. As the company evolved, my role expanded to include execution on all design, web development, and digital marketing.

developed brand identity • created first company Hackathon •experiential design •led marketing •set-up digital infrastructure for company


Upon joining CareAR, my initial task was to create a comprehensive brand identity anchored by the provided logo. Subsequently, I developed precise brand guidelines for the organization and contractors. Recognizing the necessity for efficient access to brand assets, I led the implementation of a digital asset management (DAM) solution, streamlining the retrieval and sharing of critical materials, including our PowerPoint deck template, icon libraries, stock photography, and more. To enhance accessibility, I designed our style guide in both PDF and online digital formats, ensuring easy access to our brand guidelines for all stakeholders.

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At CareAR, I had the privilege of designing experiences for both large-scale and smaller events. I designed a 20 x 20 walk-through space for the Augmented World Expo (AWE) and numerous 10 x 10 backdrops and vertical banners for smaller events. I have experience working with print and promo product vendors to design swag and apparel for events. Additionally, I put together many composite videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for the sales team to show on large screens at our booth during events.

CareAR AWE Booth 2021
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CareAR Vertical Banner Field Services
CareAR Vertical Banner Customer Service
CareAR Event Booth Field Service USA


During my time at CareAR, I led the design and development of the entire website using WordPress with the Divi Theme hosted on WPEngine. This CMS choice proved ideal for our fast-paced team due to its ease of use, seamless plugin integration, and design flexibility, ensuring a smooth user experience. We achieved a notable B in page speed score and a swift 1-second page loading time. To enhance site optimization, I employed Hot Jar for user experience tracking and Yoast for SEO. WP Engine hosting provided top-tier WordPress security and exceptional support. With this solution, I was able to successfully manage the creative services team while continuing to be the sole designer and developer on the website.

CarEARTHON hackathon web page design
CareAR homepage web design
CareAR Instruct webpage web design


During my tenure at CareAR, I handled a broad spectrum of design and digital marketing responsibilities, including designing landing pages, crafting email templates, creating digital ads, and managing social media for a time to gauge design effectiveness. Later, I transitioned into overseeing Marketo operations, specifically nurturing streams and forms, to support our inside sales team, following a workforce reduction.

CareAR Gated Landing Page Design
CareAR Social Card Design Product
CareAR Social Card Design Integration with Composite Photo
CareAR Email Newsletter Template
CareAR Social Card Design Event
CareAR Social Card Team
CareAR Email Template
CareAR Banner Ad Leaderboard


At CareAR, I led the creative services team in designing countless top, middle, and, bottom-of-the-funnel collaterals such as white papers, eBooks, case studies, Infographics, brochures, getting-started guides, and more. I love working in Adobe InDesign creating engaging layouts, reusable templates, and easy-to-navigate table of contents.

CareAR Blumberg Infographic
Impact of Augmented Reality White Paper Cover
Impact of AR white paper Interior Page
Service Experience Transformation eBook Cover
CareAR Case Study Design
CareAR Assist Solution Brief Design
Instructional Experience as a Service eBook Cover Design

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